LIFE PlasPLUS: presentation at “Plastic Matters Denuo” in Brussels, Belgium, on 27 September 2022

Comet Traitements was very pleased to present the latest details of the LIFE PlasPLUS project at the “Plastic Matters Denuo” conference organized by Denuo and essenscia PolyMatters in Brussels, Belgium, on 28 September 2022.

The theme of the conference was the automobile, with a specific focus on automotive waste stream and circularity. Industrial participants included organizations such as Renault Group, Febelauto and Galloo Plastics. Themes of discussion covered:

  • Which plastic streams (end-of-life vehicle parts) could qualify for selective dismantling (with a view to recycling)?
  • What is the risk that more compulsory selective dismantling of end-of-life vehicles will lead to more exports of end-of-life vehicles to other countries ? Where is the tipping point, to what extent could one dismantle selectively ? What measures could be taken to avoid this shift towards more exports?
  • What are currently the greatest challenges for plastic processors/suppliers to the automotive industry to be able to use more recyclate in their production?
  • How could the quality of plastic recyclate improve further?
  • To what extent are the design specifications of plastic parts too strict and not fit-for-purpose to use plastic recyclates?
  • Is there interest in a closer cooperation between demolishers/recyclers/plastic converters concerning plastic recyclate from ELVs? How could this be set up?