Life PlasPLUS at the International Automotive Recycling Congress

Between 5 and 7 July, Hervé Demoulin, LIFE PlasPLUS project coordinator, attended the 21st edition of the International Automotive Recycling Congress in Basel.

It was an opportunity to recall how important the demand for thermoplastics and antimony trioxide has become, notably for the emerging electric mobility and electrical appliance sectors, which require an increased use of lightweight materials and flame retardants to lower energy consumption and improve fire safety.

The partners in LIFE PlasPlus have succeeded in designing new compounds incorporating recycled plastics from ELV, for the automotive sector. Notably, they completed the injection of a Stellantis Fiat500 part with 100% recycled filled polypropylene from Groupe CometFPP from compounds developed within the framework of the LIFE PlasPLUS research project.

One more step towards success for this exciting European adventure for key plastic end-users and industry stakeholders: producers, manufacturers, recyclers, researchers etc., actively contributing to the manufacturers’ zero carbon footprint !