LIFE PlasPLUS: presentation at the “Elemetal symposium”, in Rotterdam, Netherlands on 31 May 2023

The GeMMe research group of the University of Liège is pleased to report its participation to the Elemetal symposium, in Rotterdam, Netherlands on 31 May 2023. Our colleague Fanny Lambert, Team Leader Hydrometallurgy, was on site to present our latest research results on the valorization of the antimony (Sb) value chain developed within the context of the LIFE PlasPLUS project.

Elemetal focuses on upcycling non-ferrous metals from secondary waste streams through hydrometallurgical and physical separation processes. Elemetal believes in a world that moves towards sustainable use of energy and raw materials, creating a circular economy enabling the infinite use of raw materials.

The event is part of the LIFE communication and dissemination strategy and our colleague Fanny presented alongside topics covering such raw materials as copper, zinc and cement.