LIFE PlasPLUS kicks off in Obourg, Belgium

The LIFE PlasPLUS consortium gathered together for the very first time in Obourg on 20 January 2020 on the Comet industrial site for a 2-day kick-off meeting to officially mark the launch of the project.
During the first day of the meeting, Hervé Demoulin, the project leader for Comet, provided several successive presentations on Comet Traitements, the Life PLasPLUS project as well as specific project Preparatory Actions.
Administrative aspects of project management as well as issues relating to compliance with EU LIFE regulations were also covered. The finalization of the LPP Partnership Agreement was notably achieved on this occasion. The day was highlighted by a visit of Comet’s site demonstrating the industrialization of eight post-shredder processes for the recovery of non-ferrous metals, plastics (PP, PE, ABS & PS), minerals, iron oxides and precious metals. Outreaching EC directives 2000/53 and 2002/96 for recycling and valorisation compliance targets, Comet achieved a certified recovery rate of 95.4% shredder input and a certified overall valorisation rate of 97.9% (shredder input 2015).
On the following day, a meeting was organized to discuss specific operational issues between Comet and Centro Ricerche Fiat (“CRF”). CRF provided a presentation of the Fiat CRF Group Materials Labs specifically targeting plastics. The Partners notably aligned their actions to supply one of the early stage deliverables titled “Quality Monitoring protocols”.
The next LPP meeting had been planned to be held in Naples, Italy. Recent COVID-19 developments will however most likely disrupt this schedule.